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How dolphins communicate (and why you should leave your jet ski home!)

Unlike other sea creatures, Dolphins have their own societal structure, and they do communicate with one another. It’s unlike anything you see in the animal world, and you have to ask yourself how does a dolphin maintain a social network? How do dolphins communicate with one another? During the Dolphin kayak tour, you will be able to find out all of that and so much more!


The way dolphins communicate is via echolocation. This is a biological sonar that marine mammals such as dolphin use to stay in touch with one another. How does it work? Dolphins create both low or high pitched sounds, based on what they want to share with their brethren. They also measure the amount of time it takes for sounds to bounce off objects until they reach their designated target.

Aside from communicating with others, dolphins also use echolocation to figure out where objects are located, what direction they are traveling towards and so on. Since the dolphin vision is rather limited, they have to rely on sounds, and this helps them quite a lot.

Body language

However, echolocation is not the only method of communication used by dolphins. They also depend on the usage of various body language signs to communicate with one another. Body language comes with different signals. Usually, this integrates things like tail slipping, jumping, bumping into each other, spy hopping and many others.

The issue is that man-made sounds can affect Dolphins. If people create lots of powerful sounds and spread them within any ocean, dolphins are the first ones to suffer. Since they rely mostly on sounds and they have an acute sense of hearing, they will be damaged immediately, and they will not have the ability to communicate because of it. This is why the use of sonars is prohibited in regions that are full of dolphins. This is also one of the main reasons why jet skis around Double Island Point scare the dolphins away! Please leave your jet skis at home.

How can you interact with dolphins?

The fact that dolphins communicate with one another is cute, and it just shows the unique appeal that these outstanding creatures bring to the world. If you want to view our local dolphins, then join us on tour! We are offering some incredible Rainbow Beach tours and Noosa tours exploring the headlands of Double Island Point and its wildlife!

Why should you embark on such a tour? Not only do you get to explore the ocean and have fun with the group, but at the same time, you can enjoy the company of cute dolphins that swim all around you. It’s an incredible opportunity, plus you get to visit some of the most popular locations in the region.


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