Migrating Whales Big In Numbers Early

Over the last 6 years of operation i can definitely say that there is a significant increase in whale numbers passing Double Island. I remember early years that June and July typically there would be the odd few whales passing by close to shore on our kayak tours. We would often see many Humpback whales well out in the distant in much of a hurry to get north to warmer waters.

This seems to be changing, the last month we have seen an incredible number passing by close to shore. You only have to pick up the paper to see the large increase in encounters along the east coast. Some of the experiences we have encountered over the last 6 weeks have been incredible. We are so blessed to be able to paddle around this spectacular National Park location and from time to time see them in thier own habitat.  We are certainly looking forward to the coming months and spectacular Double Island adventures.

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