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Surf Lessons & Surfing in National Parks

Taking your first surf lessons or trying to progress in surfing as a beginner or intermediate surfer can be challenging, frustrating and thrilling all in the one session. Depending on your location, the surfing conditions, crowds in the water and type of wave your surfing are all big factors in how rewarding your surf lessons and surfing session can be.

Noosa surf lessons
Double Island Point surfing

Typically taking surf lessons or surfing in a Australian National Parks gives not only a much more rewarding session than populated beach breaks but also gives a really unique surfing or surf lessons experience in a truly natural environment. Why? Firstly, The best National Park surfing locations are not so easy to get to making that little bit of extra effort worth it with empty waves, pristine tropical waters and no worries about surfing crowds. The intimidating feeling as a beginner taking surf lessons or surfing in a crowded surf break can be overwhelming and challenging to take those waves without feeling like your getting in the way. An example of this is the surfing mecca of Noosa. The points are generally always fully loaded with a mix of professional surfers, long boarders, intermediate and beginners and when the surf is pumping there can be up to 200 in the water surfing at the one time.

surf lessonsJust north up the beach from Noosa Heads within the Great Sandy National Park is an incredible point break known as Double Island Point. The only access for this surfing wave is by 4X4 along the beach at low tide and it’s harder to access location makes for much less crowds than Noosa with plenty of space on the break it can feel like your surfing a super long point break all to your self. A much more relaxed family feel and for anyone taking their first surfing lessons or looking at surfing in an uncrowded National Park environment it’s an incredible trip. Most locals surfing here have learnt to save their arms after riding waves typically 100’s of meters long on this sandy point break wave by simply stepping out of the shallows and walking back up to the top.

Sitting in the water waiting for the next great wave can give you a moment to immerse yourself in the stunning natural beauty of this National Park surfing paradise. The local Bottlenose dolphins pass close by looking for breakfast as do the Manta rays gliding through the clear shallows as you also can experience the local wildlife in the best way possible being in their natural environment. Its never the same surfing and surf lessons experience at Double Island Point but you can always guarantee it to be a memorable one.

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