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Mind Surfing

We all know these moments in your day. When you glance social media on your phone during lunch break seeing a delicious Nias drainer spiraling down the line with all the correct ocean colours in perfect symmetry and the back ground palms looking majestic, or whilst awaiting your coffee order to be processed gazing at the artwork on the wall by the local kneeboarder depicting your main break firing on all cylinders with nothing but drooling barrels wrapping along the bank, maybe you’ve experienced it this good once or twice over the years but the fire still burns within to surf it in that perfect form.

So your mind wanders…….

It wanders to a place where you can’t wipe out , there is no drop ins, the take off is always make able, you’re never out of position and almost always you will make it around or backdoor through that section. It’s an uninterrupted moment in time where you slip into a state of “Mind Surfing”

Elite athletes now class it as “visualisation” a training mechanism to project themselves into the moment before its actually happened, as surfers we aren’t setting out to win medals, our journey is for the ultimate ride..

With only a handful of lucky surfers who travel the globe chasing waves everyday, most of us only dream of daily greenrooms with the sun on our face, being able to check your favourite surf forecast app, book a ticket and get to that destination that reads five stars and light offshore.

But we can all Mind Surf!

So next time you’re scrolling your instagram feed throw caution to the wind, let your fins release, bust that air on that normally unmake able section, or grab rail and pig dog like you’ve always wanted.


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