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Become a Paddling Pro in 4 Easy Steps

Do you love the sun and the sea and do you want to improve your paddling technique for your next surfing or kayak session? In this case, paddling training will do the trick!

Surfing and kayaking, which involve paddling, strengthen your core and boost cardiovascular fitness. On top of that, they tone your arms and shoulders, burn fat, and ward off stress.

Learning to paddle is easy. Sure, it does require some practice, but it’s well worth the effort. Follow these steps to become a paddling pro:

Maintain Good Posture

Good posture is crucial when paddling when surfing. It not only helps improve your technique but also reduces injury risk.

Relax your shoulders, sit straight, and look straight forward. Remember to breathe and open your chest. Keep your feet against the foot pegs when kayaking and your legs together. And keep your feet together on your surf board. Your knees should be slightly bent. This allows you to move and rotate your torso with ease.

Practice Different Strokes and techniques

Whether you’re using a kayak, stroke as close to the centre line as possible. Experiment with different strokes, such as sideways draws, sweep strokes, low braces, high braces, and reverse strokes. As you progress, add more power to your stroke. Start with the basics and try new techniques along the way.

When surfing try to paddle with one arm after the other, don’t use two arms at the same time, make long and deep strokes, keep your hands relaxed and minimise any rolling from side to side.

Exercise outside the water

The water is not the only place to improve your paddle skills. Perform exercises in the gym or at home that target your back, shoulders, arms, and core muscles. This will boost your performance in the water and keep you injury-free.

Sprint training

Once you learn the basic strokes, paddle as fast as possible for about 20 yards. Slow down and repeat. This will increase your paddling strength for surfing and improve overall fitness.

Here you go! Now you know what it takes to start paddling like a pro! The more you practice, the better you’ll get. 

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