When will tours be operating again after COVID-19 restrictions lifted

Tours are now operating from Friday 5th June. You can secure your tour by booking now or send us a message for any further details you need. We are operating hire and surf lessons now at Rainbow Beach. See you soon 🙂

What Covid-19 safe procedures will be in place

We will have in place Covid – 19 policies and procedures as recommended by QLD health and Safe Work Australia.

When do the tours go out?

Double Island Point can only be accessed by 4wd along the beach around the low tide and due to this times change daily.  Please contact our friendly staff for specific day departure times.

What is the main difference between the Noosa and Rainbow tours?

The Noosa tours and lessons are a day trip around 6 hours in duration and Rainbow Beach tours are half day around 3 hours in duration.

The Noosa tours and lessons takes a route through Noosa North Shore, over the ferry and along the spectacular Teewah Beach only accessed at low tide by 4X4. This unique stretch of beach is 51km to Double Island Point typically on our specilised 4X4 bus where you can view the wide open beaches in comfort and guides will spot out different wildlife along the way including sea birds, local dolphins, turtles, sea snakes and the diverse range of local campers relaxing by the beach. One of many highlight of this drive is through the whale season spotting the whales as they migrate and play along the beach on the drive in large numbers (June-Nov). Noosa tours typically operate using a fully air conditioned specilised 4X4 bus and also includes snacks and refreshments, ferry fees and toilet rest area.

The Rainbow Beach tours drive from the north with 12km of magical driving views to Double Island Point please be mindful the beach is sometimes unable to be accessed and requires a route not along the beach completely and access through the freshwater track which requires extra travel time. Operates using Toyota Troopcarriers. Rainbow Beach departures do not experience the Noosa North Shore, Teewah Beach or ferry and does not include snacks unless booking private option.

If you’re staying in Noosa and prefer self driving to Rainbow Beach for the day and joining the half day trip please be mindful the travel will take you at least 2 hours (one-way) through inland roads. (Bruce Hwy via Gympie is best). We highly recommend joining from Noosa if staying here or on the Sunshine Coast and experiencing the Great Sandy National Parks unique Teewah Beach only accessed by 4X4 on our specilised comfort bus.

Noosa Vehicles:

Custom 2022 4X4 Toyota Hiace – 14 seater

Custom 2015 4X4 Toyota Coaster – 21 seater

2016 Toyota Troopcarrier – 10 seater (side facing seating)


Rainbow Beach Vehicles:

2004 Toyota Troopcarrier – 11 seater (side facing seating)

2010 Toyota Troopcarrier – 10 seater (side facing seating)

Please contact if your require any further information.

What to bring?

Swimwear, sunscreen, water, towel, hats, snacks, camera and change of clothes.

(It is a requirement that all food, littler and any other waste are taken with you out of the National Park on completion of your visit)

What can I take in the kayaks?

Just yourself, water and camera if willing. We will provide wetshirts or wetsuits and life vests. If you want to bring your camera make sure it’s waterproof. Taking your phone you do so at your own risk. Tour guides do take GoPro’s and can give you footage after tour. We advise to keep your belongings in the vehicles until after tour to prevent loosing items and negatively impacting the National Park.

What happens when I book in with an uneven group number?

Our kayaks are all double kayaks. If your group is an uneven number; one person will go with another person in a kayak or with a tour guide. We also have specilised 2 plus 1 kayaks for 2 adults and small child. These are on request.

Do you take children under the age of 7?

We do make exceptions for this rule if weather conditions are suitable. Please contact our staff to discuss your options.

Is this tour suitable for elderly people/less fit/ heavier people?

All our kayaks are double kayaks, so we generally pair a strong person with a less stronger person. Paddling at Double Island is generally easy we recommend an average level of fitness.  Please contact our staff if you would like to discuss further.

How can i do my part in the conservation of the National Park on tour?

There are a number of best practices we encourage when on tour within the Great Sandy National Park to ensure strong conservation and sustainable practices in the protection of of the important eco system . Some of these include:

Staying clear of highly sensitive areas such as nesting sites, sand dunes and important vegetation. This includes walking on, climbing, collecting, defacing or interfering.

Picking up any litter or foreign objects and place in trailer boxes and removing all your items and waste on completion of your visit. Leave only foot prints!

Applying sunscreen at least 15 minutes before entering the water to minimise water pollution.

Observing and enjoying wildlife whilst doing so with minimum disturbance.

What type of kayaks?

Viking double kayaks – Highly stable and simple to use. 80% of our clients have never kayaked on the ocean before.

Children's prices?

Due to working in such a unique National Park environment and having high operational costs we unfortunately are unable to offer discounts for children.

Is there free parking?

All parking in front of our shop in Rainbow Beach is free and generally pretty well available. If you’re driving to a pick-up point in Noosa we recommend Pelican Boat hire as there are free parking options available.

What happens when the weather is bad?

We are highly experienced in reading weather forecasts and observations for Double Island Point. If we see conditions are not suitable for tour. We will contact you as soon as possible to find a more suitable time. There is no need for contacting us yourself as public weather websites are not as accurate; especially for a remote national park as Double Island!

Generally, tours still operate in rain and we have had many rewarding experiences in these conditions. We do not operate in electrical storms, large swells and extreme wind.

What if I want to cancel?

Please reconfirm booking 24-48 hours in advance in case of time change to suit best weather or beach conditions. Any cancellation inside 48 hours is full payment non refundable. Deposit is non refundable.

If cancellation is made by customer and not by Epic Ocean Adventures regarding weather or any other reason the above policy stands.

Epic Ocean Adventures reserves the right to change or cancel tours/ lessons on the rare occasion due to poor or dangerous weather and beach conditions.

Real time assessment may result in cancellation before departure, on arrival or during tour. Refund less the deposit is issued if unable to operate prior to departure due to weather constraints and participants are unable to re book or participate in another activity. If cancellation occurs during tour or on arrival to location full payment is non refundable to cover transportation and park fee costs.

What are typical group numbers on the tours?

Generally numbers for each activity are between 5-12 participants

What types of vehicles are used and what are their capacities?

Noosa Vehicles:

Custom 2022 4X4 Toyota Hiace – 14 seater

Custom 2015 4X4 Toyota Coaster – 21 seater

2016 Toyota Troopcarrier – 10 seater (side facing seating)


Rainbow Beach Vehicles:

2004 Toyota Troopcarrier – 11 seater (side facing seating)

2010 Toyota Troopcarrier – 10 seater (side facing seating)