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Workouts you can do at Home to Improve your Surfing


The minute you get on that board, you’re engaging your core, not to mention the cardio it takes to get into position to catch a wave.  Surfing is an excellent sport to choose for someone who wants to have fun while they get their daily exercise.  The water provides the perfect environment to relax and get in-touch with your own body. 

For those who feel a little intimidated or overwhelmed by the physicality of surfing, there are some great workouts you can do while at home to make things easier.

Improve your Balance

You don’t need amazing strength to surf proficiently, balance is where you’ll want to focus most of your training into.  The majority of surfers out there put a lot of time into working out and strengthening their balance at home or in the gym.  You’ll see a lot of exercises regarding squats, but you should invest in a balance platform to improve the strength of your feet and ankles, as well.

Getting more Core Strength

Core and balance go hand-in-hand for surfing, you must have a strong core if you want to climb up and stay up on your board.  You can apply some easy exercises at home without the use of any equipment.  Planking is a solid core workout, as well as sit-ups.  Switch things up by doing some side-planks, which require you to lay on your side, elevate yourself onto your elbow, then hold yourself above the ground for two seconds before dropping back down.  Repeat this 20 times before switching sides. 

Upper-body and Paddling

Working out your arms and upper body is key to an enjoyable and long surfing session.  You can do paddling workouts in a pool or you can stick to traditional upper-body workouts in your home.  If you can bring your surf board to your local pool, start doing laps of 100 yards.  Repeat 2 times or until you feel exhausted, then follow that up with a set of 20 push-ups (or your personal limit).  Rest for 2 minutes and repeat another round of reps.

This will help train both your endurance and your power when paddling. 

If you can only train on land, replace those 100 yards of paddling with jumping jacks, punching up with 2lb free weights, and push-ups.  We recommend 50 jumping jacks, 20 reps of free weights on each arm, then 20 push-ups (or your personal limit).  Rest for two minutes and repeat again.

These workouts will be very challenging for beginners, but this should not deter you!  You will experience great progress with your surfing abilities within weeks.


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