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Why go on surfing holiday in November?

Let us give you 5 reasons why you won’t regret going on surfing holidays this November!

1. The Crowds are GONE!
Everyone is saving up for the December school holidays. For you, that means empty waves and line-ups, WHY WAIT!!??

2. The Weather is GREAT!
Summer is coming and the temperature are rising. This means surfing without a wetsuit and hours of water fun! The water is reaching 25 degrees, all-day sunshine and bright-blue skies, so no excuses.For us, definitely the best time for a surf holiday.

3. Get bikini ready!
A surfing holiday in November is the perfect time to get your tan going before the summer holidays and build your abs. Become a real beach babe or surfer dude before hitting the beach back home this summer.

4. PERFECT beginner and long board waves!
November is know for its perfect beginner and long board waves. Double Island Point is known for Australia’s longest beginner waves and in November you will have the chance to surf these 100m waves all by yourself! A surfing holiday in November pretty much guarantees you a consistent swell and is just a great opportunity to learn to surf or improve existing surfing skills!

5. SUPER Chilled vibes!
With the (surfing) crowds gone and the main summer rush saving up, the Double Island Point and Rainbow Beach vibes become more chilled and relaxed. Enjoy Rainbow Beach its Magic, visit an empty Carlo Sandblow after a long day on the beach to enjoy the sunset with a drink.. Everyone is just a bit more relaxed and free, which is great when travelling on your own or wanting to meet like-minded surfers to make surfing memories with!

So, get booking and get surfing!

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