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To take or not to take your surfboard?


The majority of our surf clients joining us to Double Island Point come to us as surfing beginners who want to try out something new, have fun, discover a new place, ride a very long wave or simply disconnect from work and their everyday life. However, there are quite a few intermediate surfers joining us as well, wanting to discover the intermediate waves of Double Island Point. Good, long waves, with NO crowds!

Intermediate surfers going on surfing holidays – not just to Double Island Point or the Sunshine Coast, but everywhere in the world – face a difficult decision before leaving for their dream surf trip destination:

To bring or not to bring my surfboard?

To rent or not to rent a surfboard while surfing abroad?

There are pros and cons for both, of course. You’re used to surfing your own surfboards, but do you want to risk your surfboard being dinged while travelling? Will the surf school you are hiring surf equipment from have a surfboard suited to your surf level? How much will hiring a surfboard cost vs. how much does my airline charge for checking a surfboard and board bag? And so on…

When researching airlines luggage policies, I found that some airlines seem to be trying really hard to actually make life easier for surfers by being very generous with their luggage policies, while other airlines just don’t seem to get that surfers travel A LOT and that surfing and surf travel is becoming more and more popular still. I’m not saying that airline’s should change their oversize luggage restrictions just so it’s easier (and cheaper) for surfer to travel, but a bit more “surfer-­friendliness”, especially on smaller domestic flights would be highly appreciated – and might actually get them more business!

Well, here at Epic Ocean Adventures, WE definitely want to facilitate your surf trip to Double Island Point as best as we can! That’s why we checked all oversize luggage policies of main domestic airlines in Australia and put together a handy list for you of each airline’s fees and oversite luggage restrictions for surfboards. Top of the list are the most surfer-friendly airlines.

QANTAS: When you fly with Qantas you will have a 23kg check-in luggage included. Surfboard only accepted if enclosed in a surfboard bag and does not exceed 32kg in weight and 277cm in length.To carry a surfboard as baggage, fins must be removed where possible and placed in an enclosed compartment or taped to the board. Qantas Check-in will attach a Fragile tag to the bag.

VIRGIN AUSTRALIA: With Virgin Australia you also have a 23kg check-in luggage included. Each item of sporting equipment represents one piece of checked baggage allowance, provided that it does not exceed the maximum size and weight limits, 180cm and 32kg.

JETSTAR: With Jetstar you ONLY have 20kg check-in luggage included IF you have booked a Starter Fare ticket with Plus Bundle. If not you will have to pay for check-in luggage. Your surfboard can be included in your checked baggage allowance, as long as they’re packed in a bag designed for that equipment. Where possible, remove surfboard fins and store them in an enclosed compartment in the bag or taped to the board. Remember: no single item bag or item can weigh more than 32kg and can be max. 230cm.

TIGER AIR: Tiger Air SEEMS to be surfer friendly, but they are not! Check-in luggage prices are going through the roof. Sports equipment can be part of your check-in baggage allowance as long as it meets the requirements, BUT check-in luggage will costs you minimum $75 per flight. All boards must be packed in a protective bag. If possible, the fins should be removed and packed properly to prevent damage to the boards. Surfboards, including the surfboard bag, must not exceed 1.9m in length for domestic travel and 3.0 m in length for international travel





If you decide NOT to bring your surfboard. We have got a good collection of hire boards available! Surfers all around Australia…. Come and join us on a EPIC surf trip to Double Island Point!!!


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