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The history of Stand Up Paddling

Nowadays, most of us enjoy Stand Up Paddling, but when did this trend start? And what made it so famous to begin with? You may be shocked, but Stand Up Paddling has been around for millennia. In fact, the first people that started using Stand Up Paddle boards were the Peruvian fishermen who had to rely on this paddling for a very long time. They had rudimentary boats at that point to help them catch fish and bring it back home.

Throughout the years, Stand Up Paddling became a very important trend for a lot of people. Even the famous gondoliers from Venice started to opt for this type of experience. As you can imagine, Stand Up Paddling soon became more than a trend, it became a rather unique and exciting way to move around.

The first place where people started performing Stand Up Paddling for entertainment purposes was in Hawaii. The earliest photographic evidence for this has around 60 years, which means that it wasn’t until the 1950s that people started to take a picture in the region. It was a rather unique and distinct experience for everyone, which is what made people enjoy Stand Up Paddling more and more!
Throughout human history, there’s plenty of evidence that people enjoyed and used Stand Up Paddling. From the hasake paddlers of the Mediterranean to the French standup podoscaphe paddlers and the one-legged paddling fishermen from the Inle Lake, there were a lot of people who enjoyed this type of padding, all for different purposes.

Nowadays, we mostly use Stand Up Paddling for entertainment and there’s a reason why Stand Up Paddling is getting more and more popular. People enjoy having fun, and they want to explore lagoons, rivers and seas at their pace. Stand Up Paddling allows them to do so. It gives them a sense of freedom and happiness that you can rarely find anywhere else. If you always wanted to have fun surfing, but you find it hard to stand up on the wave, then Stand Up Paddling may be one of the most attractive alternatives. It is worth it, and you will be quite impressed with the entire experience, from watching wildlife to trying to catch small waves.

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