Too often we take our environment, nature, our oceans and beaches, and pretty much all our surroundings for granted. For many of us the beach is a second home; a happy place we can turn to whenever we need it. And Double Island Point’s sun-kissed beach and the beautiful quiet water make it the perfect place for a surf trip and sunny getaway! We call it our paradise. At the end of each of our tours, we want all our clients to leave our paradise happy, with a smile, new friends and memories for life, but not to leave anything behind but their footprints in the sand.

We try to be as environmentally friendly as possible, but unfortunately every summer we have had days where we come back with bags full of other people’s rubbish. Something that makes us sad, seeing how there are still many people not respecting the nature and its wildlife. You might think plastic won’t do any harm, but turtles confuse a plastic bag with a jellyfish and can lose their life when they try to eat it.

For most surfers and beach lovers, keeping the ocean environment clean is a priority. Here are some things YOU can do to try and become a greener surfer and make a difference:

*Leave nothing except your footprints.

*Take nothing except great memories.

* Take a little rubbish bag with you to collect all your rubbish and take it back home with you.

*Use responsible companies who care about their impact on the environment!

*Don’t use any chemicals on the beach or near the water. Try to buy organic zinc or sunscreens.

*Eat organically and sustainably.

So, for your next trip to Double Island Point remember to take nothing but Epic memories & to leave nothing but your footprints. Waste not, want not! It’s time we start appreciating more, wasting less and giving something back! It’s so easy!

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