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Become a Paddling Pro in 4 Easy Steps

Do you love the sun and the sea and do you want to improve your paddling technique for your next surfing or kayak session? In this case, paddling training will do the trick!

Surfing and kayaking, which involve paddling, strengthen your core and boost cardiovascular fitness. On top of that, they tone your arms and shoulders, burn fat, and ward off stress.

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Double Island Point – Best Surf Lesson Location in Australia

If you’re new to surfing, then it may seem a little overwhelming trying to figure out where book your surf lesson. Which beach will have the easiest waves for you to master your skills on. Stop doing too much thinking and listen to those who know.. We have already found the perfect break for you! Double Island Point is an untouched and serene location, known for Australia’s longest beginner waves.

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Workouts you can do at Home to Improve your Surfing

The minute you get on that board, you’re engaging your core, not to mention the cardio it takes to get into position to catch a wave. Surfing is an excellent sport to choose for someone who wants to have fun while they get their daily exercise. The water provides the perfect environment to relax and get in-touch with your own body.

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Humpback Whale Migration along the East Coast of Australia

Humpback whales make their presence known along Australia’s east coast every year, between April and November, as they migrate to go mate and give birth after a summer of feasting on krill in the Antarctic. This makes for a unique opportunity for residents of the surrounding coastal towns and visitors all across Australia. A one-of-a-kind whale-watching where tens of thousands pass by, many within plain sight!

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The history of Stand Up Paddling

Nowadays, most of us enjoy Stand Up Paddling, but when did this trend start? And what made it so famous to begin with? You may be shocked, but Stand Up Paddling has been around for millennia. In fact, the first people that started using Stand Up Paddle boards were the Peruvian fishermen who had to rely on this paddling for a very long time. They had rudimentary boats at that point to help them catch fish and bring it back home.

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