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Double Island Point

Great Sandy National Park, Queensland, Australia

Double Island Point is set in one of the worlds most diverse and pristine National Parks and offers incredible natural and aquatic experiences for those looking to explore off the beaten track on Noosa North Shore.

Only able to be accessed by four wheel drive vehicle’s along the beach, Double Island Point’s remoteness makes for spectacular natural beauty, an often buzzing hub of local and migrating wildlife and a tropical surf playground that cannot be beaten.

Located on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia, Epic Ocean Adventures Noosa offer thrilling adventure tours within the Great Sandy National Park and at Double Island Point with our most popular experiences being the dolphin view sea kayak tour, surfing & stand up paddle boarding with fully flexible private tour options also available.

Location Features

  • Noosa’s Double Island Point is known by locals for its pristine beaches, surf, crystal-clear waters, and breathtaking scenery.
  • Double Island Point offers a unique blend of natural beauty, adventure & relaxation.
  • Thrilling eco tour experiences including the Dolphin Sea Kayak Tour, Learn to Surf Lessons, Stand Up Paddle.
  • Private tour & group options available.
  • Often home to an abundance of marine life, including dolphins, turtles, rays, whales, various species of fish & migrating birds.
  •  Six of the world’s seven marine turtle species can be encountered on tour in the protected Marine Park.
  • The often tropical crystal clear waters of Honeymoon Bay & unique salt water lagoons makes spotting wildlife easy.
  • Double Island Point is part of the Great Sandy National Park featuring diverse ecosystems, towering coloured coastal dunes, sub tropical rainforests, and unique wetlands.
  • The tranquil and secluded nature of Double Island Point makes it an ideal visit for complete relaxation and rejuvenation. 
  • See the crazy soldier crabs often in their thousands at low tide feeding around the lagoons.
  • Mineral rich ancient sand dunes boast a highlight of 72 different colours and is a stunning backdrop.
  • According to the legends of the Kabi people (Aboriginals of South East Queensland) , the dunes were coloured when Yiningie, a spirit represented by a rainbow, plunged into the cliffs after doing battle with an evil tribesman.

History of Double Island Point

The traditional custodians of the land around Double Island Point are the Kabi Kabi (Gubbi Gubbi) people. For thousands of years, they have lived in harmony with the land, relying on its resources for sustenance and spiritual practices. The area is steeped in indigenous cultural heritage, with numerous sites of significance that reflect the deep connection between the Kabi Kabi people and their environment.

In 1770, when Captain Cook passed by, he named the sand spit “Double Island Point”, after the illusion of two islands.

In the 19th century, Double Island Point became an important navigational reference for maritime explorers and traders. The headland’s prominent position and distinctive shape made it a crucial point for safe passage along the treacherous Queensland coast. In 1884, the Double Island Point Lighthouse was built to aid in navigation and to reduce shipwrecks in the area. This lighthouse, still operational today, stands as a testament to the region’s maritime history.

How to get to Double Island Point

If you are staying in Noosa Heads, then visiting Double Island Point for a day trip should definitely be on your to do list. You can either join the guys from Epic Ocean Adventures on tour to visit this magical place, or you can drive up yourself if you have a 4×4 vehicle, or if you find a good 4wd hire.

If you drive up yourself, you first need to organise vehicle access permits. You can do this on the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services website

Once you have a permit, you drive from Noosa to Tewantin, where you catch the Noosa North Shore ferry across the Noosa river. At Noosa North Shore you will enter the beach, and you will beach drive between Noosa North Shore and Double Island Point with a mesmerising ocean on your right hand side. Please make sure to check the tide times before driving up!! You don’t want to get stuck in the water. 

Along the Great Beach Drive you will pass by Teewah village, the famous Redrocks, Freshwater Track, and then after a 1 hour beach drive, you will find Leisha Track and this is where you can cut through to the other side of the headland. 

If you don’t have a 4wd vehicle, and you don’t want to join a guided tour, then you can also walk up to Double Island Point following the Cooloola Great Walk. But be aware that this is a 4 day walk with remote camping areas along the way.

Things to do at Double Island Point

If you love nature, beaches and wildlife, then there is lots to do at Double Island Point. 

Of course, you can enjoy the stunning beaches, ocean views, and scenic beach views. On the horizon, you will spot K’Gari, formerly Fraser Island. You can also enjoy the views of the famous coloured sands of Rainbow Beach, an iconic feature of the cooloola recreation area. If you look straight out into the ocean, you will spot a big rock laying around 2.2km from the coast. This rock is also known as wolf rock, famous as a breading spot for the harmless Grey Nurse Shark. 

Here are some other things you can do while visiting Double Island Point:

Enjoy the Double Island Point lighthouse walk

This is a beautiful walk around the Double Island Point headland, that starts at the north end of Teewah Beach, and follows a track along the headlands, towards the north side of the point, on the Rainbow Beach side. On the walk, you will find the Double Island Point historic lighthouse. During whale season, you can see the humpback whales pass by close to the headlands on their way up North. On a clear day, you can see lots of wildlife, including dolphins, manta rays and turtles, cruising around the headlands in crystal clear water. From the north end of Double Island Point, it’s only an 800m walk to the lighthouse. 

Kayak with dolphins with Epic Ocean Adventures

Epic Ocean Adventures runs aquatic tours up at Double Island Point. They depart from Noosa, and you can either jump on board with them in Noosa, or you can meet them at Double Island Point if you have a 4×4 and join in on the fun! They also run surf lessons and stand up paddle tours. To join a tour, get in touch with them here!

Visit the township of Rainbow Beach

Continue following the beach and you will get to the township of Rainbow Beach. A tiny little coastal town, at a 30min drive North from Double Island Point. 

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