You are currently viewing Founder Tyron & 4yo Allie on My Way Noosa TV CH9

Founder Tyron & 4yo Allie on My Way Noosa TV CH9

If you have joined us on tour one day, you might have met Allie, our youngest tour guide. 

Allie is only 4yo, but doesn’t hold back when it comes to helping her dad out on our Noosa Dolphin Sea Kayak Tour. She loves the beach, the ocean, surfing, and the dolphins and turtles. What an amazing place to grow up, spending time with dad in nature. Tyron is the owner of the business in Noosa Heads on the Sunshine Coast, and this is exactly why he loves doing what he does. He can work being outdoors and spending time with his daughter. 

To learn more about Tyron and Allie’s life on the beach, and how they run our Noosa tours together, watch the video below.

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